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Mineral rich tea – Yin Tonic

We are told of the dangers of mineral deficiency – from poor renal functions, poor bone formation, hearing loss, stiffness of the muscles, poor brain function, poor sleep, poor sexual functions, to name a few. So we take tons of supplements that promise us a healthier and happier life!

But did you know that many of Chinese herbal medicine formulas have abundant contents of minerals? Not all formulas, of course, but formulas according to Chinese medicine principles that are used for Kidney tonics are where we found them most available.

According to Chinese medicine, Kidneys are responsible for

·      Storing Jing (essence) and dominate reproduction, growth, and development

·      Produce marrows; dominate bone production

·      Governs water (renal function and sweating)

·      Maintains the gate of vitality (sexual function)

·      Opens to the ears (hearing)

·      Manifests in hair (hair loss and premature whitening of the hair).

Are you catching on? Yes! In the study of “Impact of minerals in Chinese medicinal herbs and decoctions on Kidney function”, Archana Kolasani found a strong correlation between the symptoms Kidney tonics treat and their contents of minerals and their respectable functions Yes, science!

Yin Tonic by Teamor (founded by our own Chinese medicine practitioner) is  based on a very famous formula called “Liu Wei Di Huang Wan”. This formula has shown to contain the following minerals: calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, sodium, potassium, and zinc. The study further found their contents to be most optimally available for absorption at 40 minutes of brewing. 

The good news is that Yin Tonic is readily available at Healthspace Burwood and for online order. But, please hold your horses before making an impulse purchase! Chinese herbal formulas are very complex and we, qualified Chinese herbalist (requiring 4 years of health science degree) use “pattern differentiation” to distinguish your signs and symptoms before prescribing the herbs. This is why you must consult your health practitioner or at least take the quiz here to find out which formula is best suitable for you.

You can make an appointment with Yanan to assess you and to find the best decoction to help you live a healthier and fuller life. Unfortunately, fixing underperforming kidneys takes a little more than buying a pack of tea but be assured that Chinese medicine herbs are not just a patch work but fundamentally restore your body to an optimal state by recognising your unique needs.

Nature does not rush yet it always accomplishes. – Lao Tzu

Written by Yanan Kim – acupuncturist & Chinese herbalist at the Burwood Clinic.

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