Spring into Spring with a Health Reset

Do you want to feel healthier and have more energy? Perhaps lose some Covid kilos?

What about clearer skin, better sleep and a sharper mind?

Maybe it’s time to think about a Spring Health Reset.

We are coming to the end of both a long lockdown and the colder months, and lots of clients and friends have shared with me their stories of overindulgence in comfort food and alcohol. Exercise for many has also taken a back seat resulting in people are feeling sluggish, unhealthy, and far from their best.

A health reset to reboot your body may help improve and restore gut function, clear harmful substances from your body, assist weight loss, boost energy levels, support your immune system, and brighten your skin. It is designed to wake up, activate, strengthen, and ultimately take the load off the organs that are involved in detoxifying your body– the liver, kidneys, and bowel – supporting and improving their performance. And importantly, a health reset or detox is not just about diet, it should address emotional and physical issues to help achieve optimal health.

A dietary detox/reset follows the concept of cleansing the body of toxins by eliminating certain foods, loading up on fresh fruit and vegetables, healthy fats and lean protein, avoiding alcohol and caffeine, and rehydrating with plenty of water, for a set period of time. By eating only ‘clean’ healthy wholefoods and removing or reducing sweet and processed foods you can help retrain your palate, so you’re less likely to want those fatty, salty and sugary foods. It can also remove triggers to eating, such as boredom or anxiety, which can be useful, especially if you’re habit driven or an emotional or comfort eater.

If you want to feel better, give your body a break and maybe lose some weight you can follow a safe and doable 7 to 14 day programme, which can be extended if you wish.

Chat with your Nutritionist or Naturopath to see if a health reset detox may help you.

Pamela Nelson is a Naturopath and Clinical Nutritionist at Health Space Clinic Lane Cove

Author: Pamela Nelson

Pamela is a dedicated, qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist, and Herbalist at Health Space. She aims to help her clients achieve balance in all areas of their lives. Her areas of interest include chronic illness, allergies and food intolerances, digestive problems, stress and anxiety management, sleep issues, and regaining work/life balance via lifestyle changes.

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