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Spring Breezes In!

Spring Breezes In!

Have you noticed that when the sunny weather returns after winter, breezes start to pick up? This is why Chinese
wisdom claims that the element of nature during spring is wind.

This can be pleasant or not, as it helps other energies to penetrate, like cold or heat. If you are sensitive to this, you
may be the allergic type who suffers from hay fever, as the wind blows all the seeds and pollen around! If you know you’ll be walking in a windy place, take a scarf to put around your neck, as this is where the wind can more easily affect you.

This is a time of new growth, so the colour associated with this is green. One of the foods are sprouts, and the flavour is sour.

The organ associated with this time of year is the liver, which rules the sense organ of the eyes. Overuse of the eyes harms the energy of the liver (even more pertinent with all the time we now spend staring at screens).

Another quality of this organ is that it rules the smooth flow of energy around the body. If it is out of whack, symptoms like tingling or rashes that move to different parts can occur. Having a headache that is located on the crown of the head and/or has a pounding feeling is also usually related to the liver.

Anger and frustration are emotions correlated with the liver and gall bladder. Check out the pathway of the gallbladder channel over the scalp.

Location of the gall bladder meridian on the head

Have you heard the expressions such as:

“He had the gall to do that- how dare he!” and “I was livid when she suggested that!”?

Acupuncture works by redirecting flows of energy or ‘qi’
(pronounced chee). It’s like opening a valve of a pipe to reduce
pressure and blockage. In this way symptoms of pain and
discomfort, stress and negative emotions can be alleviated.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms related to the change in seasons, you may benefit from an Acupuncture consultation.

Clare Donnelley is an Acupuncturist at Health Space Lane Cove. Contact the clinic to book your consultation.

Author: Clare Donnelley

Clare Donnelly is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Herbalist and Acupuncturist who practices out of the Lane Cove clinic. If you have any questions or wish to book in with her, reach out to her on 02) 9418 9555

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