Reiki for Pregnancy

Enjoy a More Serene Pregnancy with Reiki Energy Healing
Pregnancy is one of life’s most beautiful and transformational experiences.
Changes arise on every level – physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. Some of these changes are easy to warmly welcome and embrace. 
There may also be changes that cause discomfort such as infertility, morning sickness or fatigue. During this time it is vital to let yourself lean into holistic support for a more serene pregnancy.
9 Ways to Receive Holistic Support During Pregnancy 
– Nourish yourself and bub with healthy, plant based wholefoods.
– Give yourself a break from stimulants and/or intoxicants.
– Move your body.
– Rest well.
– Calm your mind. Ask Chelsey about breathing exercises and meditation personally designed for you.
– Be mindful of your environment. Keep your home and workplace healthy, happy and toxin-free.
– Receive a pregnancy massage.
– Invest in a pregnancy pillow.
– Receive support from trusted health practitioners, your partners in holistic health, and receive treatments such as acupuncture, naturopathy, massage and energy healing.
Receiving Reiki Energy Healing during pregnancy can provide relief, relaxation and radiance, sending healthy energy via non-invasive touch to both the Mum to be and to the little one.
Energy Healing has been known to have positive benefits during pregnancy. Pregnant women noticed improvements in:
– Reducing morning sickness
– Releasing blocked energy
– Quality of sleep
– Reducing stress and anxiety
– Pain relief
– Feelings of connection and peace
What to expect in a Reiki Energy Healing session:
– Before each session begins you will have the chance to discuss any health concerns you may have and any requests to focus on a particular area.
– You will be guided into the most supportive position for you, fully clothed and either laying down on your back, on your side or sitting comfortably in a chair.
– Through light touch (or hands slightly above the body, if hands off is preferred) your practitioner will work with your energy from your crown to various parts of the body.
– During the session you may experience feelings of deep peace and relaxation, warmth, refreshing coolness, tingling, pulsations, stimulated digestion or blood flow. You may even fall asleep. Many people who receive Reiki on a regular basis note deeper feelings of peace, relaxation and balance as the practice continues.
– After the session you may notice other changes that evolve as the day goes on, such as improved digestion, less stress, a deeper sense of calm and groundedness, feeling centred and balanced and enjoy a deep relaxing sleep. 
This natural and gentle form of complementary therapy can be received throughout pregnancy and postpartum care. Energy Healing complements all other medical and therapeutic treatments to holistically support both Mum to be and baby to live healthy and happy lives. 
Reserve your Energy Healing treatment with Chelsey today. 
It is recommended to begin with an Initial Energy Healing treatment then receive treatments every 3-4 weeks to support your needs throughout your pregnancy.
Initial Energy Healing Session (90 minutes)
Standard Energy Healing Session (60 minutes)
Standard Energy Healing Session (90 minutes)
FREE DOWNLOAD: practitioner-approved guides to move better, sleep better, feel better

FREE DOWNLOAD: practitioner-approved guides to move better, sleep better, feel better

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