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Posture headaches with Dr Emily

how to get rid of posture headaches

Is the daily grind giving you headaches? Using your phone or sitting looking at a computer screen for long periods of time?

Upper back and neck tension is a major contributing factor to headaches, largely due to the prolonged posture people endure at work. The optimal posture has you sitting upright, shoulders down, back and relaxed, chin tucked in and the computer screen at eye level. Tried this already and it’s too uncomfortable? That just means your body is not used to it! So many people are spending far too many hours sitting down resulting in a slouched posture. This slouched posture is placing stress on your spinal joints, causing increased curvatures in the thoracic and lumbar areas, as well as causing muscles to become inactive.

Here is where chiropractic can help!

In this generation, phones, ipads and laptops are used so frequently, but is using them too much starting to affect your body? Some people might not realise but while using these devices they could easily develop poor posture. Many people have their devices below chest level, which results in their neck being flexed forward excessively. Just think of the prolonged strain being placed on the neck, shoulder and upper back muscles, as well as the spine!

At the end of the day do you suffer from headaches? Trigger points are small knots that form in muscles which radiate pain into your head causing a headache. Misaligned joints in the neck can also be a cause of pain into the head. Tried taking painkillers but the headache returns the next day? As a chiropractor I aim to find the cause of your discomfort or pain rather than just looking at the symptoms, so it is not a re-occurring issue. Lets address your posture and relieve your headaches!

Simple posture tips!

  1. Take regular breaks every 20-30mins– walk around the office, go outside get some fresh air, get a drink of water to stay hydrated.
  2. Make sure your laptop or ipad is at eye level.
  3. When using your phone hold it at eye level as well.
  4. Do some simple stretches at your desk – I can show you these!
  5. Make sure your desk and chair is positioned correctly – I can help with this as well!
  6. Try a standing desk.
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FREE DOWNLOAD: practitioner-approved guides to move better, sleep better, feel better

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