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Interview with Stephanie Moore from Sounds of Serenity

Sound Healing with Stephanie Moore from Sounds of Serenity

Healthspace Acupuncturist Rachel Pavitt chats with Stephanie Moore from Sounds of Serenity to find out more about her practice and a sound healer.

Firstly, Thank you for being part of our fundraiser at our Mona Vale clinic for Lifeline recently where attendees of the mini retreat got to experience a sound bath with you.  I understand you hold regular Sound Baths on the northern beaches.. how often are they held and where are the venues?

My pleasure .  I hold the sound baths every fortnight Tuesdays at Oxford falls peace park and Fridays at therapy works Newport 7-8.45pm. With tea and nibbles provided at the end of the session.

What types of instruments and tools do you use in a session?

I use crystal bowls and Tibetan singing bowls , planetary gong , monochord , voice , Native American drum and soothing percussion instruments during my sessions .

What are the benefits of Sound Baths?

Sound sessions assist with anxiety , depression , hormone imbalances , sleep disorders , immune system , nervous system , chronic fatigue , muscle and joint pain , calming the mind .

What led you into this line of work?

I got into this line of work from my own personal sound journey when I lived in W.A. attending many sound sessions. I was amazed by the changes I had within myself I use to suffer from sleep issues and anxiety and found it hard to quieten the mind . I found since attending the sessions I felt more centred, had more clarity, my immune system improved and my quality of sleep improved . I was amazed by how the sounds work through our body at a cellular level and how it can shift imbalances in the body to assist bringing it back to a more harmonious state .

What do you do to help you to find balance in life?

I find balance in life by spending a lot of time in nature, reconnecting with the beautiful surroundings we have, painting art, playing music and spending time with family and friends, exercising and eating organic foods.

Sounds of Serenity

Sounds of Serenity

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