Interview with Ryan from Fitness Boxx

Interview with Ryan from Fitness Boxx

What is Fitness Boxx all about?

Thanks for asking Henry.  We are the leading Personalised Fitness Coaching Facility for busy Northern Beaches Locals who want to boost energy, move better and feel fitter every day.

What made you get into the Health and Fitness Industry?

Fitness has always been part of my life. I was a gymnast from age 6-20, studied a BSc majoring in Physiology then moved into the fitness industry. I am passionate about helping people improve their movement quality and to live better lives.

There is so much Competition! How does Personalised Coaching at Fitness Boxx differ from Personal Training or Group Training with other fitness businesses?

As humans, we all require the same fundamental movement abilities: To squat, lunge, walk, bend, lift, carry, push and pull. The only thing that separates an out of shape business owner, a busy mum or a highly active
tradie from a world-class athlete, is the degree of intensity required. We aim to develop the correct movement patterns in all clients and improve their ability to perform them at intensity, by creating and adjusting individualised programs that take the following into account:

  1. Goals
  2. Current Lifestyle Factors
  3. Mindset and Emotional Challenges
  4. Current Body Composition
  5. Health and Vitality
  6. Exercise History
  7. Injuries and Movement Considerations

These individualised programs are then delivered in one of 3 group formats that differ in terms of personalisation:

  1. Team Training – A set program that is scaled to the individual, with the option to choose to focus more
    on developing strength, fitness or both. Groups consist of up to 16 people and run for 60 minutes at set
    times each day.
  2. Individual Programming – A completely tailored program that can be done at anytime and anywhere. This option is particularly suited to athletes, or clients with high motivation to train on their own. We provide coaching at set times of the day in an “Open Gym” format for people who need face-to-face help. All programs are tracked and monitored individually by your coach, so that you can ask questions and modify your program as needed.
  3. Semi-Private Coaching – A tailored program that focuses on developing the fundamentals required to begin exercising. Extra time is spent on mobility and correcting the movement patterns required for a particular individual to improve. This is the ideal starting point for anyone who hasn’t been exercising for some time, or someone who has particular challenges such as injury, health concerns or emotional challenges. Groups are limited to 4 clients at a time and run for 60 minutes at set times each day.

Who is Fitness Boxx Suitable for?

I would like to say that Fitness Boxx is suitable for everyone. However, we are mainly suitable for people who are ready to commit to learning how to improve their mobility, strength and fitness and make lifestyle changes that move them towards their goals.

What is you favourite thing about your new gym space?

I come from a competitive fitness background that includes gymnastics and Olympic lifting movements. I am grateful to have a space that allows me to do these movements. I also love that our Semi-Private groups are taken in a different space that creates a more intimate feeling than our Team Training space.

What are your 4 best health tips?

  1. Sleep more
  2. Drink more water
  3. Stretch every day
  4. Perform some kind of resistance training
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