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Interview With Fit Lane Cove

Interview with Fit Lane Cove

Meet Fit Lane Cove’s Manager, Heidi, speaking with Director and Chiro Dr Nick Miller

What made you enter the Health industry?

I worked as a midwife for many years and fitness/sport was a hobby. I gained my Personal Training and group exercise qualifications initially out of a personal interest and then I realised how health and fitness was such a fun and creative extension from all those years in the medical world… so here I am! I love seeing how strength, fitness, mindfulness and healthy lifestyles contribute to the wellbeing and happiness of so many people. Its seriously life changing!

Best health tip?

Balance!.. In everything! Exercise consistently, cook your own food, eat mindfully enjoying flavours, find fresh and fun food! Surround yourself with people on the same road as you… it doesn’t have to be the same path, but the same direction. Believe you can. Say thank you, be kind and laugh daily or at least smile.

How long have you worked at Fit Lane Cove ?

About 4 years!

Favourite cheat meal?

Ooooo.. cant beat a good burger!

If you were stuck on a desert island what one item would you take with you?

One? hmmm… I know I should say TRX straps or a kettlebell, but probably just my cossie and beachtowel. I hope the other people stranded on the island bought the cocktails and bbq.

Author: Nick Miller

Dr Nicholas Miller has extensive sports experience, from Amateur to Olympic level, from running to Crossfit and many more. A high level athlete himself, Nicholas works to helps his patients to recover but also to perform better. Dr Nicholas can be reached at

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