Interview with Enliven Coaching

Enliven Coaching

Chiropractor Josh Raffo sat down with co-owner of Enliven coaching, Jazza Roberts to find out about his career in the health and fitness industry. 

Tell everyone about enliven coaching and how everyone can check it out?

Enliven Coaching is its own very unique brand created by my fiancé (Becky) and myself. The business rebranded over 3 years ago when we both decided to collaborate and join forces. We run a variety of strength and conditioning based workouts and MMA cardio sessions. We also run a mums and bubs classes for pre-and post-natal woman. The best way to check up is through our website, Instagram or Facebook.

I noticed your halfway through a strength program now. Why do you do programs and not challenges?

We do programs as we aim to help people change their lifestyle for the long run, not a sprint to unhealthy results that only last for a season. We design each program based on all areas of Fitness & Health. It gives our EC family the opportunity to grow and build knowledge with extra attention on what the topic may be for that specific program (strength, mindset and motivation, nutrition). We provide guest speakers that come along and hold work shops and talks for each program.

Obviously, you guys have a very physical job. How do you look after your bodies on a week to week basis?

Both Becky and myself put a lot of energy into our recovery and nutrition. We get adjusted regularly at Healthspace, have a stretching routine and get some dry needling when really tight. We use the onsite pool a lot as well to loosen up as well as doing all the little extras with warm ups/ cool downs and rehab to make sure we are functioning at our best. We eat wholesome foods, organic and gluten free when we can and supplement when necessary to reduce toxicity levels in the body.

What’s the most rewarding thing about your job?

Best part of our job is watching someone’s lifestyle transformation and being part of their journey. To see our clients succeed, whether it is a PB, completing a flatline (our hardest conditioning session), or seeing them just being happier and more confident in themselves. Our job is to guide people to a healthier and better version of themselves in whatever capacity that may be.

Author: Kate George

Kate is the General Manager of Health Space clinics group and has a Bachelors Degree in Complementary Medicine from Endeavour College of Natural Health.

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