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Health Space Community: Fastrack 400

Health Space Community_ Fastrack 400

Every Sunday morning from June through to March, dedicated young and upcoming athletes spend their time training, whether it’s 40 degrees or pouring with rain. This is the life of members of the Athletics New South Wales 400m fast track program. Led by legendary Australian coach of Darren Clarke and Marie Holland, Mike Hurst, the group of dedicated Athletes strive to one day reach the Olympics and National teams.

Health Space has supported this group of young individuals for over 10 years. Throughout the season Health Space practitioners dedicate their Sunday morning to help keep these guys injury free, and in tip top shape. The Health Space team set up portable tables and equipment at training grounds and athletics tracks, supporting the young athletes with soft tissue work, acupuncture, chiropractic, and home care advice. The therapy carried out is gratefully appreciated by the 15-25 athletes that turn up each week. With athletes ranging from ages 13 to 27, they travel from all over Sydney and the state to attend the sessions. Each week focuses on different components such as speed, tempo, technique, block starts, and of course the opportunity to receive free treatment and advice from Health Space practitioners, who strive to give back to the community.

The training regimen for these young athletes often sees them train 4-5 times a week, both on the track and in the weight room. The forces and demands placed upon their bodies are high with the volume and intensity kept at a high level. Technique plays a paramount role in relation to developing speed, stamina and injury prevention. The athletes and the practitioners from Health Space understand this, and assist in keeping the young developing athletes functioning and firing on all cylinders. Just like a well lubed and aligned car, the faster you go the more critical and proper function is required. This is what the practitioners help athletes to achieve; optimal movement, improving the body’s ability to move, and prevent injuries. Athletics has such a small following with minimal media attention and so often does not receive much in the way of funding such as the more popular sports like as rugby, soccer, and AFL.

The squad has seen numerous members reach national squads and represent the green and gold here and abroad. Many personal bests, medals, and dreams have been achieved through the program. Health Space has been along for this journey and has seen the struggles, the triumphs, and success. Health Space has been proud to support this community initiative now and into the future.

Author: Nick Miller

Dr Nicholas Miller has extensive sports experience, from Amateur to Olympic level, from running to Crossfit and many more. A high level athlete himself, Nicholas works to helps his patients to recover but also to perform better. Dr Nicholas can be reached at

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