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Update from Nick Wood – Health Space Clinics

The healthcare landscape is changing at an incredible rate. Our medicare system are under more and more pressure as the costs of providing the services required push the system into the red and the numbers of those sick continue to climb. Health is a journey, its a process or pathway that we walk through our entire life. The choices we make and the path we decide to go down depends on our health paradigm. If we see our health as our responsibility and as a lifelong process that we have to be involved in proactively then we will be excited about the role food, exercise, stress management, treatments,  our relationships and all aspects of our environment play in our experience of health. If we see health as a symptom verses no symptom model where the doctor takes control of our choices then the picture is very different. As we learn more about epigenetics and the role that  environmental factors have on the expression and regulation of our genes we a beginning to see how complex we are and how much we have to rethink our beliefs around health. I find it incredible that we now know that as series of HLA gene snips determine whether we get very sick from mould mycotoxins or not. Furthermore its incredible that you can have inherited  the gene that makes you sick if you get exposed but the function of this gene is not expressed unless you have had a previous viral or intercellular infection like Epstein Barr vrius, or Borellia. So in this case you need to inherit a certain ‘faulty” gene, be exposed to the toxic stimulus and also have previously had a certain infection to get sick. I think being informed and understanding your individual body and its strengths and weakness and being proactive without obsession is the key.

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