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Last month I wrote about the first half of this blog, taking the inspiration from Gabrielle Bernstein’s book, to set yourself free and use forgiveness as a pathway toward inner guidance. I encourage you to read Part 1 first to remind yourself about Carmen and Callum’s story.

Make a Compassion List. Identify the areas where the person on your list is struggling, then see your part you’ve played in the situation. Were there any false impressions from your ego that made you think you were 100% the victim. Your part may be as simple as: “I’ve been angry for so long, how can I let go of my anger now?”

To reprogram the neural pathways in your brain and changing your mind, recite your new affirmation “I release and I forgive” whilst doing an activity. My two mentors highly recommend List Writing (when I wrote a list of “100 reasons why…”, my hand started aching which was a good sign to create a new highway in my brain and start a new way of thinking).

Meditation is the final step in shifting your energy around forgiveness. Refer back to the “Cutting The Cord” meditation in blog part 1 and do it. Then write the Love Letter to the person on your Compassion List.

In our daily morning meditation time in bed, my darling husband with his infinite wisdom asked me: “What if we don’t have to forgive? Forgiveness includes the implicit assumption that someone has done or is doing something wrong to cause you pain.” As he made me think, my question to you, my darling reader is: What if what that person has done to you, was to teach you a lesson that you need to learn at that point in time? I understand that usually, it is easier for you to blame the person rather than not reacting and learn the lesson on the spot.

Shakespeare said: “Expectation is the root of all heartache.” What if, because of our expectation that a person did not, or could not meet, we blame them? Today is your chance to ponder. Ponder on the many “what if” questions as above and let me know if the process of pondering helps you to shift your mindset to be more open and easier to let go and “forgive”.

For Carmen and Callum their resentment towards their previous partners was the catalyst for meeting someone who is very special to them now: each other. In the end, by letting go there is love.

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Keep well and lots of love,

Ingrid Galloway

Spa Therapist & Relationship Coach

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