Is it time you saw your Kinesiologist?

The “5 Top signs” you should check in for an emotional health check up

1.     You’ve experienced the death or loss of a Relative or Friend.  Grief can manifest in many ways, it can be an experience that leaves us overwhelmed or almost numb.  The journey through this experience can be facilitated alone, but sometimes we need someone to help guide us through the process. 

2.     You’ve experienced or are about to experience a major life event.  This may be moving house, having a child or changing jobs.  Any significant event comes with it the anxiety associated with its anticipation. Although many events may be happy and joyous, the concern about them may cause us to feel otherwise.  Stress around the event can rise and can dampen those positive feelings we are looking for.

3.     If you are experiencing any of these physical signs. Headaches, Body Aches and pain(In particular neck and upper back), Teeth Grinding, Poor digestion including bloating, diarrhoea or constipation, constant or persistent butterflies in the stomach, nightmares, poor sleep or insomnia, rapid heart rate, difficulty breathing that comes for no apparent reason or if the reason seems unreasonable.  Restlessness, constant tapping, nail biting. Increase in sweating, particularly night sweats. Many of these signs are associated with anxiety and anxiety based symptoms.

4.     If you are experiencing any of these emotional signs, Emotional eating, oversleeping, under sleeping, feeling of dread or doom, self-doubt, fear, anger or constant frustration, feelings of being overwhelmed, tiredness for no reason, withdrawal from people, places or things that you like or enjoy doing. If you seem constantly on edge, sad or teary.  If your moods vary greatly from moment to moment and seem like you’re out of control.  Many of these signs can be associated with depression, many are directly related to hormonal changes in the body. 

5.     If you are experiencing any of these varying signs to do with your neurology, loss or impaired balance, brain fogginess, memory issues that come and go, numbness in toes or fingers, varying vision or hearing, tinnitus or ringing in the ears, changes in taste, smell or touch.  Constant pain in various parts of the body with no apparent reason for the pain. Other signs could be learning difficulties, difficulty concentrating or short attention span, loss of ability to move in a certain way, ticks or tremors.  Many of these signs are often passed of as just part of life or untreatable, especially in case where no cause can be found.

Michael Hall 


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Author: Michael Hall

Michael Hall is a Practicing Kinesiologist for Health Space Clinics Castle Hill, with many years in the health and fitness industry he also specialises in Life Coaching, Counselling and Mind Body medicine. As a Personal trainer and Fitness Instructor with over a decade of experience including sports nutrition, sports training and functional fitness expertise.

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