Parsnip Baked as a chip and dipped into guacamole while hot.   So so good.

Leek Thickens up any soup, amazing in frittatas, but also a simple dish of fried leek in butter on sourdough toast is such a lovely winter snack.

Brussel Sprouts Goes incredibly well with Bacon and Worstershire sauce!  Very English and warming

Kale Still wet from washing, fried in a pan of coconut oil and garlic.   I always have this with scrambled eggs.  Simple yet so tasty. 

JerusalemArtichoke  Tossed in oil and roasted like you would a potato. Amazing with a roast dinner (Be careful of the gas though….)

Cabbage Finely sliced in any clear soup adds a really sweet flavour

Snow Peas Delicious as a snack when your rushing around.  I always have a bag full in the car

Chicory (more of a lettuce than a veg but one of my fav’s) Beautiful in a warm lentil and fig Salad

Cauliflower My new favorite is the cauliflower base pizza or cauliflower rice.  Great alternative to wheat and gluten based foods.

Beetroot Amazing in a roast veg salad but even tastier in a chocolate cake…believe it or not!


How to choose your Veg!

I only buy organic fruit and vegetables as I’m very aware of what organic food doesn’t contain (all the nasty sprays and chemicals). However it can’t just be organic. It must also be fresh!  Researching where your food comes from is a really empowering experience which is why I know when I buy from the local Markets I’m getting the best.  We’re really lucky to have access to such great produce.  The Organic suppliers that Markets stock such as “Back to Eden” use ethically farmed, organic, toxin free, Australian suppliers and for me this is my no 1 priority when choosing produce

A few other key tips to focus on are colour and texture.  Any piece of fruit or vegetable should be firm and crunchy.  If the skin of your food is saggy or wrinkly just like your grandma’s then you can be pretty sure your eating old food.   It makes sense right!  Some supermarkets are tricky and spray overseas produce with chemicals to prevent ageing while it sits in storage for weeks on end during travel so buying locally grown eliminates this risk.  As you can imagine, both the sprayed chemicals and the travel process decreases the nutrient density considerably. 

Any yellowing or wilting of leafy green Vegetables is a sure sign your not eating fresh so be mindful when choosing what to put in your basket.   I always ask to try things like peas and beans, if it ‘snaps’ and is crunchy then I buy. (Its also a lovely way to taste what’s to come in the week ahead and get Tux my 11 month old experiencing new flavours and textures.  So important he understands where his food comes from). 

Some produce keeps for longer than others so try to use up your Cauliflower, Cabbage, Kale and Chicory first once it’s in your crisper.

Winter is such an exciting time for food as the vegetables are so nourishing, and cooked well can create a real sense of comfort.  My suggestion is to buy one new vegetable per week and get creative in the kitchen.  The addition of a new taste and texture can be really exciting, not to mention a new mix of vitamins and minerals to your system.   Variety is the spice of life!

Written by Bonnie Stedman 

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