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Health Space Community: Giving Health

Health Space Community_ Giving Health

Over the past 3 years, Health Space has been involved in helping thousands of people in the slums in the Philippines receive health care through the charity ‘Giving Health’. The charity was founded by one of Health Space Rozelle’s Chiropractors Taylor Harrison, with Health Space Director Luke Nesbitt also on the board.

Teams of practitioners from Health Space travel to the slums of Manila to not only deliver care to these people, but also train the local community leaders in how to create ongoing change in the area. They have launched a stroke and diabetes prevention program, which is run by the local leaders, which has created immediate impact and saved lives.
The fundraising for these trips have been done through the Health Space clinics with “Giving Health Days”. On this day, all proceeds from the clinic are donated to fund the practitioners going. To date, these days have raised over $15,000.

These trips have been a great experience for the practitioners from the Health Space family, as well as their clients who have supported them, hearing the ways they have helped these people in need.

Giving Health 2019 from Michael Shaw on Vimeo.

Visit the Giving Health website for more information and updates.

Author: Taylor Harrison

Taylor has over 12 years of experience working as a practitioner in Rozelle helping his clients achieve great health. His focus is on getting the basics right from posture, sleep, nutrition and hydration, exercise and lifestyle. His Chiropractic techniques range to help from newborns to the elderly and include soft tissue work, gentle adjustments, drop table and activator. Taylor has completed Post Graduate studies in Paediatrics, Pregnancy, Rehabilitation, Nutrition and Seniors Health. He is also an author and speaker on Seniors Health.

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