Do you have health issues that no one seems to be able to help with| Feel like you have tried everything but nothing is really working for you

Have you tried Energetic healing?

Energetic healing I hear you say. What on earth is that? Energetic Healing is in fact a modality, which encompasses a variety of techniques that help to heal and balance the body, mind and soul.

 To understand energetic healing you need to understand what energy is. Believe it or not, absolutely everything is energy: our body is a very dense form of energy, also known as matter, but our thoughts, belief system and actions are also energy and they play an extremely important role in our life and ultimately in our health and wellbeing. Energetic healers work with energy in all its forms by releasing layers and getting to the root of the problem. 

 Are you feeling tired? Not sleeping well? Have you experienced emotional trauma that you haven't been able to move past? Do you have nutritional deficiencies or allergies? These are just a few signs and symptoms that may be helped through energetic healing.

I feel that a good way to demonstrate how energetic healing can benefit almost everybody is to share with permission the journey of a special client whom I had the privilege to assist and help in her healing process. Her name is Jane.

During the course of 7 sessions over a period of 6 months, Jane was able address and restore balance, harmony and health into her body, mind and spirit. Here is her story.

Jane’s story

Jane booked in her first consultation because she was struggling with her energy levels. She was feeling exhausted in the evenings and she knew that something didn’t feel right.

 Jane comes across as a bubbly young woman; she loves her job even though she finds it very demanding and stressful. She is managing a large number of staff and she is always on the go. She is a person who thinks a lot, especially when it comes to work; she needs to process ideas in her head over and over before being able to verbalise them. She feels that this tendency is also present socially and with close friends and family.

She is the eldest sibling with a younger sister and two younger brothers. As we delved into her family history and dynamics over the sessions she admitted that she always felt like she was not the “favourite child” in some aspects.

Before starting her healing journey she had also experienced heartbreak, and her relationship ended leaving her bruised and scared on an emotional level. Jane was not functioning at her potential.

We worked together starting on re-establishing a good energy flow to avoid energy slumps during the day and exhaustion at night time; we addressed emotional issues and limiting beliefs of not being good enough and this is how we did it.

Changes in daily habits

 Investigating the daily routine is very important. How do you sleep? What time you tend to go to bed? What you are doing before going to bed? Is the sleep refreshing so you wake up full of energy and an increase energy level during the day?

Jane was tired at night so she was watching TV and playing on social media before going to bed. Although Jane was in bed for enough hours she was not getting enough deep refreshing sleep. We established a new bedtime routine: switching off from social media and possibly TV at least an hour before bed, using Lavender essential oil to increase relaxation and assist in a better sleep quality. Jane noticed that the major decline in her energy level during the day was around two o’clock. I asked her about her diet and eating habits; she admitted that normally she was having lunch at the desk as she found that more practical and time effective.

When you eat and do another activity at the same time (especially if you are not sitting down) then it affects your digestion. I recommended changing this habit and to start having lunch out of the office so that she could improve her digestion and also give her mind a break. After a couple of weeks of this new routine her energy levels started to increase and stabilise during the day. Of course looking at what foods are being consumed at what time if the day is also important.

Working with the chakras

 The Chakra system is an energetic system that everyone has and plays a very active role in our life even if we are not aware that they even exist. With training and practice we can become more aware of them to the point that we can feel them (some lucky people can even see them) without having special gifts; all you need is just an open mind and a predisposition, like in my case, to “feel” them.

In Jane’s case the primary chakra we worked on was her second this chakra is also called the Sacral Chakra, which is located just below the belly button in alignment with your spinal cord. This energy centre stores our emotional energy and our process of relating to others.

The energy here was constricted and disconnected from the energy flow of the body. Practices like journaling, gentle stretching exercises and meditation have opened her flow of energy leaving space to work with a more balanced energy flow.

Bringing emotional awareness into her life has increased the amount of energy coming into the Heart Chakra, so Jane was able to open this energy centre that she subconsciously decided to close when her special relationship had ended.

After addressing what seemed to be the main issue, Jane was able to focus on her third and fifth Chakra, also known as Solar Plexus and Throat Chakra. The body connections of these two Chakras are those of our digestive system for the Solar Plexus and our neck and throat for the fifth Chakra. Emotionally they are related to our ability to express ourselves and also connected to our will and personal drive.

In Jane’s situation she was moving from a perspective of wanting to be “perfect” all the time; she was always thinking and analysing what was the best thing to say or do at work, socially and in a dating situation, leaving little space to express her true self as she labelled herself “not good enough”.

EFT technique – Tapping process

 Feeling not good enough normally generates from a situation when we have been told that, or we felt that way for a long time so that becomes our habitual thinking pattern. Finding the reason why, or the episodes, that have led us to this conclusion is not an easy process as the belief is embedded in us so strongly that we honestly believe this to be true.

EFT technique, also know as tapping has played a great role in this case. The principle of this technique is to isolate the emotional response from the body in order to perceive the situation from a more detached perspective, leaving the door open to change and possibility. During that particular session, Jane and I were able to identify where the feeling of not being good enough, or like in her case, not being the favourite child, was coming from and rapidly shift it to a more empowering prospective of healthy self-esteem and self-worth.

A new Jane

 Once the body energy levels were stable and she was not experiencing exhaustion and energetic fluctuations anymore, we were able to work with the emotional issues through the Chakra system and EFT technique bringing a balanced flow into Jane’s life; she was now driving a healthy self-esteem, feeling empowered at work and could easily face her work week without feeling exhausted.

One last thing needed to be addressed after a long time of feeling not good enough, not deserving of love, and having been in a constant strive to succeed. Jane felt lost and worried about what would happen next. Once the barriers and the fears crumble, we face what is called uncharted territory; we then need to create a safe environment for us to move from, and not to fall into fear of the unknown. The last two sessions helped Jane work through this, establishing a new confidence in herself, so that she was able to say: “I feel now that I am closing the gap of not being perfect all the time; I feel my fears dropping away and I am more self-aware and I am really curious to see what will come next”.

 I love seeing the transformation happening before my eyes in my client’s lives and see them coming out of the process empowered, healthy and balanced. 

Energetic healing can benefit everyone on so many levels and I believe we should all receive an energetic assessment at least once a season. It might seem like this sort of treatment sounds to good to be true or there is no way the results could be that life changing in such few visits. I challenge you to give it a try! If you feel that you can benefit from a session, if you feel like Jane when she started her journey or you are simply curious to see how much better you can really feel and be, then book in a session today by calling (02) 8354 1534 or email

Luca Orlandi is a energetic healer at Health Space Kings Cross 

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