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Do you even move?

For many amateur athletes the winter sporting season is getting close to finishing up for the year. This is the time we often see an increase in sporting based injuries within our clinic. These injuries range from muscle tears, knee and ankle injuries, shoulders and the list goes on. The accumulation of loads and stresses from the last few months from training and games gradually takes its toll on the body. 

In much the same way as a cars wheel alignment will gradually wear out the tyres and suspension with prolonged use, the human body will experience increase in injuries if it is not moving correctly. This is often the root cause of many peoples end of season niggles and injuries, incorrect movement patterns in the joints and muscles, can create compensations and increase the forces and demand on the nerves, muscle and ligaments of the body. 

Working to address the underlying issues is important when addressing a sporting based injury in order to ensure it doesn’t occur again. A movement based assessment, can often include the use of squat, lunge, pressing, single leg stand in order to help assess whether the body is moving as it should. This allows us then work on addressing the underlying issue. Correcting the pattern may require a combination of a few different therapies, active release, joint mobilisation, retraining exercises, mobility work at home. 

The latest research has shown that this approach can help predict and reduce injuries in sporting based people, no matter what sport or competition level.

Dr Nicholas has special interest in sporting based injuries. Coming from a Martial Arts background Nicholas has worked with Professional and Amateur athletes to help recovery from injuries and to enhance performance. Nicholas works out of our Castle Hill and Lane Cove clinics.

Dr Nicholas Miller


Available for consult at the Lane Cove and Castle Hill clinics Monday – Saturday

Lane Cove: 02 9418 9555

Castle Hill: 02 9659 1200

Author: Nick Miller

Dr Nicholas Miller has extensive sports experience, from Amateur to Olympic level, from running to Crossfit and many more. A high level athlete himself, Nicholas works to helps his patients to recover but also to perform better. Dr Nicholas can be reached at

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