BACK TO BASICS WEEK 2: Why moving is so important

Why is moving so important?

Our bodies are designed to move. From infancy onwards; our natural instinct is to begin crawling and eventually into walking. Our joints are mobile to allow for all of these movements. How many of you would say that if you feel stiff and tight; that you feel good?

As a Physiotherapist; I would say none. A common complaint I hear in the clinic is “My neck feels stiff” or “my knees are tight and I can’t squat”. It is this reduced movement and lack in mobility that brings people in for help.

So I ask you, why not keep moving?

A Study in 2015 revealed 63% of Australians are Obese, compared to 54% in 1995. This alarming increase calls for action as we know obesity is correlated to a wide range of chronic lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

As we age, it is natural that we have a decrease in muscle mass, aerobic capacity and bone density. And with all these factors, comes an increased risk of falls and hence other arising problems. With Australia’s ageing population, this is more important than ever. We need to keep moving, keep exercising to help prevent these concerns.

Many years ago, common advice given to those with back pain would be to go home, and rest in bed. This has been proven to be the most inefficient way to assist in the healing process. Studies have proven that walking, keeping mobile and living life as normal as possible are MUCH more effective in recovery than resting in bed.

If I can leave you with some simple advise to help ensure you are moving well; it would be:

1.    Seek the help of a professional to help guide you move properly and address any weaknesses that might be in the way.

2.    Warm up with a specific and dynamic approach to the exercise you are performing to help ensure you are getting the most of your exercise with as little risk of injury as possible.

We can all agree based on countless studies performed that exercise is beneficial to your health, however moving well while exercising is vital.

Remember, if all you can manage is to go for a walk at the end of the day; you are still lapping the person who stayed in on the couch.

Join us this week at Healthspace and find out more about why moving well is so important for your health.

Isaac Serhan


Available for consults Monday – Friday at the Kings Cross & Kingsford clinics

Kings Cross: 02 8354 1534

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Author: Isaac Serhan

Isaac Serhan is a Physiotherapist at our Potts Point and Kingsford clinics. He has a main interest in the treatment of sporting and chronic injuries. He can be contacted on 8354 1534.

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FREE DOWNLOAD: practitioner-approved guides to move better, sleep better, feel better

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