3 Myths About Self Esteem

Self esteem is something a lot of people are lacking, some have in abundance and most of us want it – and more of it. The thing is there are a few myths surrounding self esteem which people might use as an excuse not to get better at self esteem and instead keep sitting in the same little hole feeling sorry for themselves…… Sorry to be so blunt but that is often the case. Therefor I have decided to dispel the myths and let you know THERE IS HOPE!!!

Myth #1: Self esteem is something you are born with. Not true. Well, to a degree it might be true but it doesn’t mean an either or. If you are born with it, great. I am sure it can always be improved though. If you weren’t born with it, you can actually develop it. Learn it. Practice it and become better and better at it. No matter how far you want to take it

Myth #2: Self esteem can only be developed up until a certain age. NO!!! Self esteem actually is ageless and there is no right or wrong time to develop it.

Myth #3: Men have more self esteem than women. Go back to #1 and you know that this one doesn’t need to be true because anyone can get more self esteem.

If you are lacking self esteem and want more of it then it is time to stop the excuses and find a way to train it. One way is to engage a Coach and trust that this person will help you train – just like a personal trainer in the gym. For your personal Self Esteem Coach call Mona Vale Health Space 99798887 and receive 50% off your first visit with Barbara

We mostly think the reason why we fail, or don’t achieve what we want to achieve, is a lack of resources. No time, no money, not knowing the right people, not having the right technology etc. But in the end what really successful people say what decides if you achieve or not is mostly not your lack of resources but your lack of resourcefulness. The ultimate resource is human emotion. What starts wars? Emotions. What makes you get married or get divorced? Emotion. What will make you stay up all night and work to build your business? Emotion. Why would you give up? Emotion. If you don’t master your emotion, if you don’t get resourcefull you will think the problem is resources. But when you look at people who became successful and tell their story about how they made it, one part of it was their resourcefulness. If you are creative enough, you can come up with ideas how to find the resources. If you are determined enough, you can find the money you need – remember the story about saving your child’s life with $1Mio you had to find? People always say they would somehow find it. It is just that it is such an extreme situation that all of a sudden anything seems possible. And it shows that again it comes down to emotions – in this case the love for your child. So the ultimate resource is resourcefulness and anyone can create this resource.

3 things you need to be successful:

1.     The right strategy which is the correct way to do something. And if it works you repeat it again and again, if not you tweak it until it works. And strategies to make things work you can find anywhere and everywhere. If you want to loose weight you can see a fitness trainer and a dietician to set you up or you even know what the right strategy is to loose weight. Are you using it? Are you applying it? No, so you can’t say you don’t know how. You don’t want to do it because it is hard and requires commitment. And that’s what most people lack. Especially these days where everything has to be instantly and now otherwise it is all too hard or takes to long to get the reward.

2.     Stop telling yourself a story. A story takes away your hunger and gives you all the reasons you need to not do what you have to do. It kills your drive and gives you a reason not to feel the discomfort you need to feel sometimes in order to move forward.

3.     You need to be in the right state. Your state determines how you feel and act. If you do what you did in the beginning of the relationship there won’t be an end to it.

Would you like to be supported on your journey to more self-esteem? Barbara is a Results-Coach at Mona Vale Health Space and is looking forward to working with you. Just call 99798887 to book for your first session at 50% off. 

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