Vietnamese Beef Noodles for Colds

02 Jun, 2018
Facts you didn’t know about the famous Vietnamese Beef Noodle
  1. Culinary expert Andrea Nguyen states that Pho was inspired by French cuisine, pot au feu in the 1880’s.
  2. The soup contains 3 ingredients that Chinese Medicinal herbalists use in formulas for treating Colds:
    • Ba Jiao Hui Xiang (Star Anise)
    • Sheng Jiang (Ginger)
    • Gui Zhi (Cinnamon)
    • Not to mention the onion, garlic and lemon dressing, all of which has some immune boosting effects. 
  3. Dr. Oz likened pho to chicken soup, just with added spices.
  4. Pho can still provide medicinal benefits when made vegetarian or vegan because the spices, rice noodles, herbs and vegetables don’t change. 
  5. You have probably heard bone broths are the new Coffee. Bone broths take a minimum of 4 hours to make. Save yourself that time by going to a traditional Vietnamese restaurant for Pho. Tip: ask your Vietnamese friends for recommendations. Not all Pho restaurants hold to a high standard of Quality. 
  6. You can eat pho to improve your immune system and prevent poor health. 
I myself as a practitioner LOVE prescribing Pho to my sick patients, including myself.