15 Feb, 2018

Why is the spine so important?

Your spine is the central pillar of your body and has two main functions. It keeps you upright and protects the part of the Central nervous system (CNS) called the spinal cord that is essentially the master control system of the body. Not only does the CNS control movement, it also regulates organs, balance, proprioception, memories, and thoughts.

Having poor spinal alignment can lead to nerve root irritation, poor function, stability and increase chances of injury. Nerve irritation is a very important aspect to address, as it not only affects strength and activation of affected muscles but also the way in which joints function. Having weakness in one or several muscles creates a muscle imbalance within a joint that creates an uneven distribution of forces. Once the joint undergoes this uneven distribution of forces it increases wear and tear of those tissues especially when put under resistance. 

The alignment and organization of the spine is also closely related to the primary joints adjacent to the spine itself, which include the shoulders and hips. If there is poor organization of the spine where the joints sit, there will be poor joint function and inadequate stability, efficiency of movement and force production in that joint. That’s why we see some many hunched over individuals with shoulder problems!

So if the spine is poorly aligned/ organized it will affect everything around it!


Tom Ham is a chiropractor at the Kings Cross & Bond Street (CBD) clinics. 

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