Chronic ankle instability

13 Apr, 2018

Recurrent ankle sprains should not be seen as normal! 

Are you someone that  has suffered an ankle sprain repeatedly or experience a feeling of "instability" regularly? 

Don't put up with it any longer, this is not a "normal" experience for anyone! Especially if you play sports or run! 

Studies have found that 20% of all acute ankle sprains result in CHRONIC ankle stability resulting in recurrent sprains. Ankle sprains are common in adult sports populations, especially in netball/basketball and the football codes.

These alarming stats highlight the importance of getting an appropriate assessment and rehabilitation program when an initial ankle sprain occurs. As the ankle is a highly COMPLEX joint requiring stability and mobility from correct ligamentous BALANCE and SUPPORT it is important to seek professional advice for any ankle sprain, no matter how painful or serious. 

By assessing the biomechanics of the body as a whole a physio can detect MECHANICAL or FUNCTIONAL instability. Allowing a tailored rehab prescription to target specific instability and reduce the likelihood of RE-INJURY!


Sam Mullany is a physio at Kings Cross and Rozelle. 

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