Dr. Josh Raffo

Chiropractor (B.Chiro Science & M.Chiro)
Dr. Josh Raffo - Health Space Clinics

Life is all about balance. Whether it be physically, emotionally, socially or mentally, maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle is something everyone should be striving for. We are so insulated in our day to day lives that it’s not hard to lose that balance. Your body is in a constant state of unpredictability. Finding that balance is key to living a healthy and happy life.

Your body and all its functions are controlled through the nervous system. Chiropractic helped Josh to find that balance. It’s about allowing the nervous system to express itself to its full potential, to allow the body the time and energy to heal itself naturally. So much in the current healthcare system is how we look and feel, but what is often overlooked is how we function. Being proactive and finding that physical balance can help so much in our daily lives!

Born and raised in Freshwater on the Northern beaches of Sydney, Josh found a love for the ocean early in life. Living on the Northern Beaches Josh finds it hard not to be a part of the ocean. Whether its surfing, spearfishing, diving or just being around it. He just loves the beauty of it. You can’t bluff it, you can’t bribe it, you can’t lie to it or take it out of anything. This is how he sees the human potential. In the end, it consumes you if you don’t respect it or look after it. His goal is to help his clients build a body that is pain free, balanced and moves optimally through chiropractic. He does this by identifying and correcting underlying dysfunctions responsible for faulty movements, poor posture and muscular imbalances that cause injury and pain.

After graduating from Macquarie University, Josh joins the Health Space team with a wealth of experience. A qualified sports trainer, he has worked with rugby clubs as the team chiropractor. Josh uses his experience in manual chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue techniques, rehabilitation exercises and functional taping to get the most out of your session. He gives advice on sleeping habits, nutrition, stress management and other issues to help aid long term recovery and ensure health is optimised and maintained.

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FREE DOWNLOAD: practitioner-approved guides to move better, sleep better, feel better

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