What is Nia?

dance + martial arts + yoga + healing

6pm Tuesdays Mona Vale Health Space

With joy and self-expression at its heart, the holistic movement practice of Nia puts enjoyment back into keeping fit and healthy.

Nia is a hybrid of nine different movement techniques – essentially a cross between dance, martial arts and yoga – and its core philosophy is to encourage people to feel pleasure when they exercise and condition the body.

Mandy Loveday has practiced Nia for 8 years and is an certified Blue Belt and Moving to Heal Nia Teacher and she's passionate about sharing the joy of movement.

“As a teacher, I love sharing Nia’s unique blend of power and grace and the freedom to self-express in “your body’s way” in each of the movements.   Nia is about listening to your body and moving in a way that’s fun, sustainable and self-healing. Nia has created a positive transformation in my life. There's no doubt it’s been good for both my physical and mental health. I feel more focused, less emotional and so much happier when I’m dancing Nia regularly. My body is strong, I have more vitality and I’m fitter than ever before.”

Through Nia’s mindful movement you’re able to tap into your body’s wisdom connect to an inner sense of self, creativity and confidence. A Nia practice is a pathway to conscious living, vibrant health and community.

What to expect in a Nia class

Nia classes start with the teacher setting a focus and intent for the practice before guiding students through a choreographed routine that builds in energy and aerobic intensity. The class then slows down to finish with yoga-like stretches and breathing. During class, students are encouraged to have fun, let their bodies take the lead, vocalise their movements and really make the dance their own.

Nia allows you to move at your own pace. No-one is pushing you to work harder, improve performance or force that stretch further. The movements are simple and repetitive on purpose, designed to relax and condition the body and bring up feelings of inner connection and joy.

Health benefits                                                                    

·       weight management and fitness

·       increased levels of flexibility, agility, mobility, strength and mobility

·       improved mental clarity and emotional balance

·       alleviation of stress and anxiety

·       cardiovascular health

·       feelings of wellbeing and connection to self and community

 Email Mandy mindfulmovementpractice@gmail.com or call mobile 0411 645 389 

FREE DOWNLOAD: practitioner-approved guides to move better, sleep better, feel better

FREE DOWNLOAD: practitioner-approved guides to move better, sleep better, feel better

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