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Waking up with neck pain? How chiropractic can help beat it.

Chiropractors treat neck and spinal problems! Whether it stems from muscle, joint, nerve or disc, we have a solution.

There is nothing worse than waking up with a neck full of ache. Most people at some point will wake up feeling a pinch in the neck and shoulder. Whether it was sleeping in a new bed, trying a different pillow, or falling asleep on the couch, there is typically a pattern that emerges which chiropractors are specially trained at treating.

When it comes to muscle, joint, nerve, and disc dysfunction in the neck, chiropractors are trained to deal with the worst. You might be looking for something to get out of pain, or maybe you notice that your posture is not ideal. Many people who seek help from a chiropractor are actually not in pain but seeking to balance their posture, move more symmetrically, improve their balance, and get more out of their workouts.

Chiropractors use several techniques to treat a neck.  Soft tissue muscle release, stretching, trigger point therapies (manual or dry needling), manipulation, mobilisation, neural flossing, and even exercises for stabilisation and rehabilitation.

The most famous technique is the "chiropractic adjustment" (manipulation). The chiropractic manipulation is called an adjustment because it is an adjustment to the spine or other joint position as well as to the nervous system biofeedback.  We know that every adjustment is assisting the nerve system to create feedback to the brain so that the body can adapt to stressors more effectively. Physiologically the increased ability of the body to adapt to change is what will inevitably lead to its balanced response to stressors and assisting the reduction of dysfunction in the body.

So whether its to get immediate relief from waking up with a wry neck or you simply want to have a better result from your workouts.  Chiropractors are well equipped and hands on when it comes to getting the problem treated and improving your mobility. Get adjusted today!

Sam Fitzgibbons is a chiropractor, acupuncturist and massage therapist at Health Space Kingsford. For more information, call 9663 2151.

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