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Pain is a necessary and complex process that we all experience. In brief, pain is an experience that motivates us to do something about the body’s current state. For example, after a sprained ankle, the pain is there to stop us from running, preventing further injury. However, sometimes it is not that simple. An important concept to understand is the psychological, di-directionality of the pain we experience. Example: when you are sad, you can experience pain, while if you are in pain, you can experience more sadness. How you are feeling emotionally and the pain you experience can directly influence on the intensity, duration and frequency of your symptoms. In addition, these feelings can impact not only your pain, but also, on your cognition (thinking/analysing/focus), energy levels, and even your gastrointestinal tract (gut) as some forms of irritable bowel syndrome can be triggered by different forms of anxiety.

Addressing your current state of well-being both physically and emotionally is an important aspect when recovering from all forms of pain, for example, migraine sufferers, chronic low back pain and poor neck/shoulder posture.

If you would like more information on how to treat not just the physical pain but also clearing the emotionally trigger attached to your pain please don’t hesitate to contact me

By Dr Natalia Kapur

Potts Point Healthspace Clinics

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