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Pain in the Neck. A Sydney Physiotherapists Approach.

Neck pain, headaches and stiffness are all very common complaints that many clients present with here in the clinic. Mechanical neck pain occurs as a result of sustaining positions of poor posture, most commonly with forward head posture, leading to strain on the muscles, tendons, joints and discs of the spine. This is caused by many activities of daily living such as sitting at a desk, watching television or driving, thereby resulting in stiffness of joints of the cervical spine, protective muscle spasm and weakness. The longer these abnormal positions or postures are sustained, the harder it is to self correct the habits and musculoskeletal changes that have occurred, thereby resulting in irritation and strain on the delicate structures of your cervical spine. Various other conditions of the cervical spine such as whiplash, torticollis or arthritis, can also be caused by acute injury in sports activities or motor vehicle accidents.

If you are experiencing symptoms such as clicking/grating sounds originating from your neck, headaches, aches, stiffness, numbness/pins and needles into the arms or hands, upper back/shoulder pain or jaw pain, it is important that you are assessed by one of our trained Physiotherapists. Physiotherapy is highly recommended for the treatment, prevention and self-management of neck pain. A typical Physiotherapy consultation involves a thorough subjective and objective examination, as well as recommendation of a care plan tailored specific to the individual. Treatment may involve several of the following:

  • Soft tissue therapy e.g. massage, trigger point release, active release techniques, or dry needling, to relieve tightness in neck muscles
  • Spinal mobilisations to improve range of motion in restricted neck vertebrae 
  • Cold/hot therapy to relieve pain
  • Advice and education on poor habits, posture, driving or desk ergonomics
  • Prescription of a home exercise program for self management and to prevent re-occurrence including:

    • Strengthening exercises to correct muscle imbalances
    • Stretches to restore muscle length and movement

While neck pain is a common occurrence for many individuals, it does not have to be you. Let one of Physiotherapists help you. Contact us at your closest clinic today.

Eleni Tsagaris

Physiotherapist Potts Point and Mona Vale

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