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Do You Need A Detox?

Detoxification – a process that the body does by itself daily to neutralise and clear unwanted substances such as perfume, alcohol, cigarette smoke, pesticides, heavy metals such as lead and mercury, medications, cleaning and body products within the body.

Our body has a very effective detoxification system however, our environment as well as our lifestyle choices and diet can contribute to the accumulation of toxins and sometimes the body needs a little extra support to clear them. 

Most people think it’s just the liver that’s involved in detoxification but the intestinal tract, skin, lungs kidney and lymphatic system all have an important job to do to help clear toxins. 

Common signs and symptoms that indicate you could benefit from a detox include:

  1. Low energy – not feeling refreshed on waking, energy slumps throughout the day and/or feeling wired with greater energy in the evening.
  2. Weight gain – unexplained weight gain, or difficulty losing weight
  3. Frequent illness or infection – frequent colds/flus that are difficult to shake and recover from
  4. Bloating and gas – bloating, gas or indigestion particularly after meals
  5. Mood swings – frequently feeling snappy, teary and having trouble getting motivated or concentrating
  6. Constipation – irregular or incomplete bowel movements
  7. Frequent headaches and general body aches and pains – unexplainable headaches and generalised aches and pains throughout the body
  8. Fluid retention – feeling puffy especially around the abdomen and face
  9. Skin breakouts – acne, dry itchy skin conditions, breakouts, dull looking skin, blood shot eyes, rosacea, blotchy skin
  10. Allergies – increased sensitivity to foods, stronger reactions to existing allergies.

I am running a 6-week detoxification program with the aim of supporting your digestive system along with other major organs of detoxification.  Want to know more information – contact me on kerryn@healthspaceclinics.com.au or call 9979 8887.

Kerryn Odell

Clinical Nutritionist

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