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Are We Using the Best Methods to Treat Tennis Elbow?

We all know that Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow) contains an 'itis' at the ends of its name. But does it actually contain inflammation? The answer is no! Tennis elbow instead involves a neovascularization – which is an increase in the natural formation of new blood vessels.

Many practitioners use manual therapy for this condition. But is this really effective to destroy the neovascularization that takes place during this process? Manual therapy may be used in conjunction with other treatments, but what else is there to treat it?

The current leading evidence suggests that high intensity shock wave therapy or ultrasound therapy should be used to reverse this effect. The research suggests a more safe and effective recovery of tennis elbow and reduces the recovery time.

At Health Space Burwood, our physiotherapiss use the current best leading research. We apply our research and get fantastic results with all our patients.

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