25 Aug, 2016

My journey to becoming a life coach

by Kate Farrell

My own personal journey has been the catalyst for me to become a certified life coach. In February 2015 I was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease, multiple sclerosis. The diagnosis turned my world upside down. It took me to a place of darkness, where I felt overwhelmed and disconnected. I was stressed, anxious and fearful about my health and my future. 

It wasn’t long after my diagnosis that I came to a life-changing realisation. For me to regain my life I had to become an active participant in my health and wellbeing. No one else could do this for me. Finding myself at a cross roads I was ready to move from where I was to where I truly wanted to be. This realisation led me on a journey of renewal. I made the choice to truly invest in myself by re-engaging with my true self, nurturing my inner strength and nourishing my mind, body and spirit.

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