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Tina Henwood

Nutritionist (Bachelor of Health Science, Nutritional Medicine)
Tina Henwood - Health Space Clinics

Tina is an accredited practicing nutritionist (Bachelor of Health Science, Nutritional Medicine) with a specific interest in gut health, autoimmune conditions and disordered eating.

Her aim is to offer warm and compassionate nutrition consultations whit a shift of mindset away from restrictive diets, instead focussing on individualised nutrition therapy and bringing back the joy of eating.

Tina believes that food is a fundamental component of health and the cause of many health issues. In her opinion there is no fit all diet. She instead aims to determine what dietary changes her clients will best benefit from by reviewing their medical history, their medications and supplement history as well as their current diet and lifestyle habits. Tina looks at possible nutrient deficiencies or digestive issues that might be caused by food sensitivities, gut inflammation, pathogens in the digestive tract or imbalance of digestive bacteria. She believes that healthy gut is a pillar of good health and works with other health professionals to ensure that her clients feel supported.

During her clinical practice, Tina has seen many people struggling with their relationship with food, disordered eating and body image. She practices nutrition that is shifted towards a health focused instead of a weight focussed approach. She has since graduating taken additional studies and is an Australian Centre for Eating Disorders approved practitioner as well as trained in motivational interviewing.

Through her consultations Tina will ensure that your diet nourishes your body but at the same time doesn’t create unnecessary stress and overwhelm. She will teach you how to create simple, healthy and easy to follow meals so you have enough time and energy to focus on the things that are important to you.

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FREE DOWNLOAD: practitioner-approved guides to move better, sleep better, feel better

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