Santino Mirarchi

Remedial Massage Therapist
Santino Mirarchi - Health Space Clinics

Santino is a really passionate Italian massage therapist who likes to help people of every age to drastically improve their quality of life within a meticulous approach to the massage treatment.

After studying in 2012 until the end of 2013 his CertIV and Diploma of Remedial Massage at the NSW School of Massage.

Santino is been trained to provide a high standard of massage therapy, that is not only focused on the massage but that gives attention to every aspect of the body, from assessments to the evaluation of the treatment’s outcome. Currently he’s an accredited member of AMT.

Immediately after his diploma graduation, Santino worked as volunteer for few months as massage therapist in sports events (soccer tournaments, marathons and rugby leagues tournaments) where he gained the kind of experience that made him fall in love for Sport and Remedial Massage.

Being aware that to deliver a unique and effective treatment, a massage therapist nowadays must to be able to incorporate different massage modalities in the treatment. In 2014 until mid 2015 Santino completed different types of work experience, working in a busy spa, in a sport injury rehabilitation clinic and a traditional Chinese medicine clinic. All these different opportunities contributed not only to the increase his experience, but also allow him to create a personal massage style that can specifically target the needs of the clients.

His favourite massage modalities are remedial and orthopaedic massage. He loves to incorporate aromatherapy with the use of different pure essential oils, sometimes blended between them according the purpose of the treatment.

Genuinely committed to learning and improving his skills, Santino regularly attends workshops and seminars to learn new techniques that can make the difference during a massage.

His primary goal at Health Space is to help clients to overcome muscle injuries to drastically improve quality of our life, or simply to relieve the body from stress and anxiety. Santino tries to educate his clients not only about massage, but also about physical exercise and how to see massage therapy not just as luxury but as powerful self maintenance and injury prevention treatment, especially when in conjunction with other health modalities.

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