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Roger Lee

Acupuncturist & Herbal Medicine Practitioner
Roger Lee - Health Space Clinics

The first experience of acupuncture was shown at the age of 12. Roger was introduced to his mentor and master who enlightened him to begin a journey to become an Oriental Medicine Practitioner. He was given a single needle to treasure and cherish as a token of acceptance as the apprentice. In search to acquire the value and respect in the practice Oriental Medicine and conviction in helping others with his acquired expertise. He was mentored throughout high school and graduated in the Bachelor of Health Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine at University of Technology, Sydney. Roger is currently AHPRA registered practitioner and Member of ATMS.

Roger’s desire to learn and persistence to improve his knowledge in the practice allowed him to reach out with an open heart to other modalities in health care such as Chiropractic, Massage, and hypnotherapy. He has obtained comprehensive knowledge of other therapeutic ideologies and treatment methods to provide integrative treatment approaches and refer patients wisely. As everyone is different and no illness can be treated definitely with one of modality hence integrative treatment is necessity. Therefore he is capable of providing tailored treatment plan which cooperates in synergy with your current healthcare practitioners to achieve your health goals.

Roger has traveled to different countries and cultures in pursuit of diverse clinical experiences. There he volunteered his services at leading Oriental Medicine clinics, treating patients with a range of health conditions such as muscular-skeletal pains to complicated internal illnesses. During his journey, he was confronted with medical emergencies in airplanes where no sufficient medical aid was available. From acquired prior clinical experiences and up to date first aid, Roger calmly managed the situation and efficiently on different occasions. He has previously treated a passenger affected by the acute upset stomach (food stagnation), an elderly man who suffered severe motion sickness in relentless agony and a child with an acute headache. These invaluable experiences and extensive clinical experiences crystallized a strong confidence in the potent efficacy of acupuncture to address any health condition.

Roger has a special interest in the treatment of pain. He utilizes Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Cupping, Pain Control Technique and Herbal Medicine accordingly to best address the problems that people seek. He strongly believes that “Human body is the house of our spirit and the resident has the sole responsibility to take care of the condition (health)”. This only can be achieved by small gradual habitual changes and creating adequate health environment which will, in turn, awaken the powerful innate healer of the body to maintain well-being. He is passionate in helping and guiding people to improve health with better life choices and be free of pain to enjoy what they love to do. The starting point of cultivating health (balanced Mind-Body-spirit) and curing disease is to know what harms us so that we can start to change some of our behaviour.

He knows that there are many people out there still very hesitant to find out how Oriental Medicine can help with each individual. Even once can be an eye opener to the new chapter in your lives, so let’s switch off pain and switch on life!

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FREE DOWNLOAD: practitioner-approved guides to move better, sleep better, feel better

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