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Kacy Thurlow

Adv. Dip. Nutritional Medicine
Kacy Thurlow - Health Space Clinics

Kacy grew up on the Central Coast, New South Wales. A long-term passion for health and nutrition lead Kacy to study Nutrition, finishing her Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine in 2018.

Kacy spends most weekends at Bondi Beach Farmers Markets buying fresh produce for her family and clients. Sourcing fresh, sustainable, toxin-free produce is something Kacy is passionate about and teaches in her nutrition practice.

Kacy has a particular interest in preventative health, believing that education and information are the most important tools when seeking change in health and wellbeing.

Kacy believes in a holistic approach to health, considering not only food and diet in her treatment plans, also the environment, sleep, stress, movement, hydration and connection to others.

Kacy is a mother to daughter Arden, who is a vibrant, confident and happy 4-year-old. With firsthand experience raising children, Kacy has developed particular interest in family health, including children of all ages.

Currently studying counselling, Kacy is looking forward to broadening her scope of practice to include counselling in her consulting process.

Kacy is based from Healthspace’s Kings Cross location on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

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