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Dr. Eloise Daniel

Chiropractor B. Chiropractic science, M. Chiropractic.
Dr. Eloise Daniel - Health Space Clinics

Eloise (Ellie) is a passionate and driven practitioner who strives to address all areas of health in a gentle, holistic and effective manner. Health care is a huge part of her life and is constantly motivated to reach the best outcome for all that walk in the door. Originally from Orange her higher education background includes a Bachelor of Science (exercise science) in Wollongong where her mind first started to expand and wonder into the field of health care. Developing her skills she obtained a masters degree of Chiropractic from Macquarie University, graduating in 2018.

Eloise’s education will not stop there, she understands can never stop learning and is always excited to do more, to learn more helped by her energetic personality. Watch her advance as she takes on dry needling, NET, Thomson technique, Graston and Kinesiology this year and beyond.

Eloise has a history competitive sport from running at a high level and rowing at a national level so you can assume you are in good hands when it comes to sports injury’s and rehabilitation. With this, she also outlines the importance of mind and body connectedness, which encompasses the body’s natural ability to heal and express itself.

When she is not in clinic, her other passion is music. Being heavily involved in Sydney’s music scene, playing music and hosting events thought-out the cities nightlife she almost portrays a double life. This perfect balance between art and science truly gives Eloise the edge in practice and in all aspects of life.

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