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Dr. Lydia Feng

Chiropractor, B.ChiroSc M.Chiro
Dr. Lydia Feng - Health Space Clinics

After studying Bachelor of Biomedicine at University of Melbourne, Lydia moved to Sydney to further pursue her passion for health science, anatomy and helping others, this is where she discovered the world of Chiropractic, wellness and preventative healthcare.

During her studies, Lydia worked as a Chiropractic Assistant where she was able to learn from experienced Chiropractors and also experience firsthand the benefits of Chiropractic. After struggling with chronic shoulder pain for over 7 year and getting no relief from pharmaceuticals, it was a chiropractor who was able to help her and her experience as a chiropractic patient made her a strong advocate of the body’s ability to heal itself and the power of natural healthcare.

Her areas of clinical focus include chronic pain, women’s health, pelvic dysfunction, headaches and TMJ problems with special interest in pregnancy, postpartum recovery and pediatrics. Lydia utilizes many different manual and low force techniques including diversified adjustments, trigger point dry needling, drop- piece, blocks, mobilizations, stretching, soft tissue work and functional rehabilitation. She also uses low level laser therapy to assist with pain management and all types of inflammation. She adapts her treatment and advice to every patient and aims to provide personalized up-to-date evidence based care.

Lydia is a strong believer in patient education and empowering patients with knowledge about their bodies and lifestyle choices. By addressing both structural and biopsychosocial factors, Lydia can help you achieve more balance and wellness in your life.

When she’s not helping patients in the clinic, Lydia enjoys cooking, Pilates, travelling, spending quality time with family and friends and spoiling her cat.

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