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Dr. Alex Nafari

Chiropractor B.Sc, D, C
Dr. Alex Nafari - Health Space Clinics

Dr Alex is a family and sports chiropractor with over 14 years experience, 8 years of which were spent in the UK with a keen focus on family health. Alex specialises in cases that become chronic or have not responded well to standard physical therapy treatments. In his experience, often unresponsive chronic cases have links to either poor posture due to incorrect jaw and tongue function or poor gut health. All of which often improve drastically through holistic Chiropractic care and simple to implement lifestyle changes, specific jaw, throat and postural exercises. This is one of the main reasons Alex is passionate about Chiropractic check ups for kids at Health Space Mona Vale, as often many common adulthood physical injuries can be prevented by simple life style or holistic health therapies during those early years in life.

Dr Alex Nafari - Chiropractor Availability: Mona Vale Ph: (02) 9979 8887

Mondays: 1:30pm-7pm Thursdays: 1:30pm-7pm

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FREE DOWNLOAD: practitioner-approved guides to move better, sleep better, feel better

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