Ideally combined with Chiropractic Care or Massage Therapy

Acupuncture and Cupping is a holistic health treatment that has been developed through refining thousands of years of clinical experience and research. The discipline is based on the Traditonal Chinese Medicine philosophy that there are energetic channels existing inside the body that can affect our internal organs and structures.

In order to tap into these channels, our skilled acupuncturists insert sterilised needles into pressure points within the body, which in turn affect nerve impulses and restore energy flow. Through restoring energy flow, this can help treat a number of health conditions ranging from insomnia to infertility.


  • Activate natural pain relievers found in the body
  • Improve circulation and promotes healthy functioning of blood vessels
  • Aid the regulation of hormones and the release of neuro-transmitters
  • Stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system to relieve stress

Other Techniques:

At Health Space Clinics, our Chinese Medicine Team use variety of techniques to improve your overall health. This may include combining other elements of Chinese Medicine such as Herbal Medicine, Cupping,  Physical Manipulation, Nutritional Therapy and Mediation & Exercise to your Acupuncture treatment. 

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Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine originates from ancient remedies and has been refined by modern-day doctors of Chinese medicine. It has now become a treatment method that can effectively treat many health problems, and is a natural way to maintain your sense of wellbeing. At Health Space, our herbalist will create a herbal formula that is specific to your body’s individual needs.

Physical Manipulation and Tui Na

Tui Na: a Chinese medical massage that incorporates kneading, rotation, vibration, rocking and shaking to heal chronic pain associated with the joints, muscle and skeletal system.

Cupping: an ancient Chinese practice that uses the controlled suction from a cup to vacuum over target areas. It is generally used to reduce pain and increase circulation.

Gua Sha: involves placing pressure on the skin in strokes with a special round-edged instrument – it is used to remove blood stagnation, relieve pain, and promote healthy circulation and metabolism.

Nutritional Therapy

At Health Space, we focus on combining both Eastern and Western nutritional therapy. This means that we can balance our techniques – so that you can achieve your health and body goals.

Meditation and Exercise

Traditional Chinese medicine links the physical, mental and spiritual. Meditation, Qi Gong, and Tai Chi are key in this process:

Qi Gong: a set of techniques involving physical postures, breathing exercises and focusing – allowing you to restore your body’s balance and energy.

Tai Chi: involves movements for relaxation, health, and self defence – this helps improves muscle strength, flexibility and balance.

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