Physiotherapy Kings Cross

Our Kings Cross physiotherapists are trained in the diagnosis, assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal and sports injuries and ailment.

We focus on a ‘hands on’ approach using manual therapy and the use of extensive exercise programs to achieve optimal results. We use a variety of techniques including; soft tissue therapy, joint mobilisation and manipulation, muscle re-training, specialised exercise programs and gait assessment and re-training.

Our resident physiotherapist, Olivia has a keen interest in the treatment and rehabilitation of sporting injuries, focusing on a timely and safe return to sport with injury prevention being a major factor.

Effective in treating: ·       

·       Acute or chronic musculoskeletal issues e.g. tendinopathy, bursitis, muscle imbalances, nerve related conditions, cartilage degeneration,

·       Headaches, neck and back pain

·       Postural issues

·       Post operative rehabilitation 

·       Gait and balance disorders

·       Pelvic floor activation

·       Advice on sports/foot wear

·       Training, gym or sporting techniques 

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