02 Feb, 2016


by Suvi Inkinen

In Hawaii I got a unique opportunity to learn the healing art of Lomi Lomi taught by an incredibly gentle soul manifesting Aloha in her very being, Jeana Naluai. Her teachings, soft spirituality and the undeniable power of Lomi Lomi changed my way of looking at bodywork forever. I use the basic techniques of this spiritual practice but also the idea of flowing energy and dance-like movements as a part of my treatments to this day. I wanted to share this great article by Tracy Lakainapali with you all to give you an understanding of what this amazing technique is all about: 

"Massage is one of the oldest and most powerful forms of healing. Lomi Lomi is one of the most profound forms of massage. So, what makes it so special, what is it, how does it differ from other massage, how does it “work”? I”m often asked what Lomi Lomi means. The word Lomi Lomi simply means massage. What it is, is a unique healing massage derived from the ancient Polynesians and more specifically the master healers of Hawaii. To understand the depth of Lomi Lomi massage, it helps to have an understanding of the Hawaiian philosophy called Huna, and how the philosophies of Huna relate to bodywork and healing.

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