23 Dec, 2017

Liver Detoxification

by Rachel Pavitt

According to Chinese Medicine, the Liver is not just an organ but an "organ system" with many functions and areas of the body it controls and is related to. The main function of the Liver system is to ensure the free flow of blood and energy (qi) throughout the body, it also regulates hormones, aids digestion and controls the tendons and the eyes. The Liver can be easily affected by stress, anger, inactivity and alcohol.

When the energy (Qi) of the Liver is in disorder people can experience symptoms such as tight neck and shoulders, headaches at the back of the head, top of the head or behind one eye, muscle spasms and cramps, inflexible joints, menstrual disorders, ringing in the ears and irritable bowel syndrome. 

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22 Aug, 2017


by Rachel Pavitt

"How is your sleep?" This is an important question that I ask all my clients, no matter what they come to see me for as sleep quality and quantity plays such a huge part in a persons overall health and wellbeing.

"Do you wake up refreshed or tired?"

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14 Feb, 2017

New Year Detox

by Rachel Pavitt

After a lovely Christmas break and a few extra glasses of sav blanc enjoyed with friends and family over the new year period I decided to do a mini detox last month to give my liver and digestive system a bit of a break and a chance to recover! 

I put the word out to friends and family with an offer to join me and my hubby Jake and had a great response with people keen to jump on board so as a team we embarked on the program together, offering recipe ideas, posting pics of our detox- friendly meals and grocery items whilst encouraging and supporting each through the temptations... the struggle was real! 

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02 Jun, 2015

Community Acupuncture

by Rachel Pavitt

Community acupuncture is a style of acupuncture that makes our treatments more affordable and accessible to those groups in our community who are in need of a little extra assistance.

These people who otherwise would struggle to pay our regular fees and as a result receive little or no treatment now have the opportunity to seek help and find relief from their symptoms, paying a price that they feel comfortable that they can afford. 

As a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, my aim is to help as many people to improve their state of health, no matter who they are or what their situation is. The community acupuncture program enables me to do just that. We offer this style of treatment to people such as single mums, unemployed, low-income earners, students, pensioners and people suffering chronic long standing conditions. 

We offer community style acupuncture treatments at $25-$40 per session and the client pays what they can afford on the day. The treatments might take place in a multi-bed room, or in a private room depending on the day/clinic/time of the appointment with the clients privacy and comfort always treated with respect. 

I love seeing these people lives changing as they are feeling better, more positive, energetic and in balance. We really feel that this helps the health of our community as a whole and we are honoured to have an opportunity to assist those in need. I look forward to seeing the continued growth of our rewarding community acupuncture program along with all the beneficial changes to our clients health and wellbeing. 

Health Space offers community acupuncture at our Kings Cross Clinic.

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