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Hot chocolate raw cacao

Raw cacao (chocolate in it’s unprocessed form) is full of nutritional benefits. It is packed with minerals, especially magnesium, which is essential for many body processes from muscle relaxation to energy production and detox. Cacao is the raw extract of the cacao bean, which is then heated to high temperatures to make cocoa. This process […]

Traditional Chinese Medicine tongue diagnosis

If you have been to a Traditional Chinese medicine practitioner you would most likely have been asked to stick out your tongue. What is this all about? Inspection of the tongue is used as a tool in Chinese medicine to assist in reaching a diagnosis. The appearance of the tongue reflects the health of an […]

I’m not stressed!

“I’m not stressed” is one of the most common statements uttered in an initial consultation. The word stress often conjures the image of a wiry, corporate employee pulling their hair out and running around frantically and outwardly expressing their distress. However, for majority of people this is not the case and perhaps a better way […]

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