15 Aug, 2017

I’m not stressed!

by Kirsten Lee

“I’m not stressed” is one of the most common statements uttered in an initial consultation. The word stress often conjures the image of a wiry, corporate employee pulling their hair out and running around frantically and outwardly expressing their distress. However, for majority of people this is not the case and perhaps a better way of assessing this is – do you have a lot going on at the moment? Whilst we might not recognise our own levels of stress and response to the events around us, our bodies are not immune to these pressures and will start to show signs related to being in a chronically stressed state.

Stress is a normal physiological process that occurs within the body and is regulated by two different nervous systems. Firstly the sympathetic nervous system which is our fight or flight response and the parasympathetic which is our rest and digest state.

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