03 Aug, 2017

Why see a nutritionist?

by Kate Gray

Sometimes staying healthy in this fast-paced life we lead can be a struggle. Do you ever feel a bit rundown, or tired, or irritable and you just don’t know why? Maybe a chronic illness has been plaguing you for years, maybe it’s serious or perhaps it’s just annoying. Sometimes a trip to the doctor isn’t going to solve anything. You need a holistic path back to full health, a way to help your body heal itself. A nutritionist might be just the ticket!

Nutritionists don’t just tell you how to eat healthily. I bet you know that already! (Doing it is the hard part, right?) Nutritionists analyse your diet and lifestyle and determine what habits might be the cause of your current health complaints. We take you on a journey to restore your health through specific healing foods for your condition, targeted lifestyle changes and supplements to ensure your body can carry out its essential functions, such as creating energy and fighting off bugs.

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