30 Sep, 2016

Quinoa: The King of Seeds

by Jan Denecke

Ancient food: Quinoa salad
Quinoa is the king of seeds and thanks to its health benefits trophied as superfood.  It wouldn’t be a superfood if it wasn’t for its delicious variety. It is perfect for salads, a suitable substitute for rice or potatoes, and a beautiful addition in cereals. Let’s explore the SUPER in quinoa.

Healthy heart
Quinoa contains healthy fats such as omega 3, is a good source of fibre, and is high in anti-oxidants; all qualities that contribute to a healthier heart.

Building block
Our entire body depends on proteins. They provide important building blocks for our skin, organs, muscles, blood, neurotransmitters and more. These building blocks,  9 essential amino acids,   can be found in protein rich foods such as meat, cheese, nuts, legumes, grains, eggs, seafood, soy, AND quinoa. Unlike a lot of non-animal based proteins quinoa contains all 9 essential amino acids. That is why quinoa is a good source for delicious vegetarian dishes.

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