16 Mar, 2017

Cooking Class: Gut Healthy, Real Food Recipes

by Berleena Eberle

When Sunday, 26th March

Time 3.30pm - 4.30pm

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21 Dec, 2016

How to set meaningful goals in 2017

by Berleena Eberle

By Berleena Eberle, Food Mindset Coach at Healthspace Kings Cross and berleena.com
Setting goals and intentions for the year ahead is not only a fun annual tradition, but a great activity for some mental (and often physical) white space clearing. A view of our future revitalizes our perspectives, refreshes our enthusiasm, provides a platform for gratitude, plus a map for the road ahead. 

Setting goals doesn't have to be rigid and absolute. Often goals related to weight, improved eating or exercise habits lose their thrill after a few months, even days into the new year because we didn't take the time to truly reflect and understand what we really want.
To help you start the process right, I've put together my top 3 tips for setting meaningful goals in 2017: 

1. Dig deeper 
Just as important as it is to know WHAT you want, it’s important to know WHY you want it. Ask yourself “What’s the real reason you want to lose weight this year?” Keep asking yourself WHY to get to the root of your motivations. 

2. How do you want to feel?
Now that you’ve peeled back the layers to understand what you really want, identify some core feelings you wish to live by in 2017 (like flow, clarity, supported). Setting intentions based around how you want to live your year can be so much more powerful than a rigid “lose 7kgs by March”

3. Set short term goals 
Pair short-term goals with your long term goals. If you want to break free from dieting this year, what step are you going to take in January? What are you going to do this week and today? 
Berleena offers a 6-month, step by step program to help her clients build a healthy relationship with food in 2017
  • How to let go of emotional attachments to food, rewire your reactions and develop a greater self-awareness.
  • Learn why the motivation "I want to lose weight" dies off quickly and what you can focus on instead for better results.
  • Kickstart 2017 with a plan to truly nurture your energy so you don't burn yourself out by March!

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