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Self Esteem

3 myths about self esteem: Barbara Simon Results Coach at Health Space Mona Vale   Myth #2: Self esteem can only be developed up until a certain age. NO!!! Self esteem actually is ageless and there is no right or wrong time to develop it.     3 things you need to be successful: You […]

Just For One Week…

Scientific studies show that we have around 60000 thoughts every day. Only 3% of those thoughts are positive, 97% are – not so positive. Why is that so? Seems we are prisoners of our own brains. In an analysis conducted by A. Heimsroth, a german Psychotherapist, it was evident that when we write down our […]

3 Myths About Self Esteem

Self esteem is something a lot of people are lacking, some have in abundance and most of us want it – and more of it. The thing is there are a few myths surrounding self esteem which people might use as an excuse not to get better at self esteem and instead keep sitting in […]

A new approach to dealing with stress

If you type the word “stress” into a search engine you will get a variety of explanations and definitions but in the end we all know that stress can lead to physical and emotional ill health if not dealt with regularly. The definition I liked the most is the following: “Stress is the feeling we have […]

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