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Why Sleep is so Important for Weight Loss

So many clients who have come to see me for their first time sit across from me eagerly awaiting some revolutionary new-age advice that will help them to instantly get their life on track. And, while most of the advice that I give is in fact revolutionary and new-age, they are often left disappointed when […]

How to Ensure your Next ‘Diet’ Becomes a Lifestyle Change

The definition of the word “diet”, as we know it, has evolved over time. It originates from the Greek word ‘diaita’, meaning ‘way of life’ or ‘daily habits’. Over the last century, this word “diet” has also come to represent something very different; it has morphed into a word that denotes restriction and deprivation. In fact, ‘diet’ is […]

How to Master the Supermarket

Supermarkets in today’s society hold a massive influence over the products we buy and the way we consume them. For many people, their weekly excursions to the supermarket are the only way food makes it into their homes. Therefore, the decisions made during those trips to the supermarket can guide and limit food choices for […]

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