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Woosang Lee

Chiropractor B. Chiropractic science, M. Chiropractic (Student)
Woosang Lee - Health Space Clinics

Woosang (Jason) is a senior chiropractic intern at CQUniversity.

Woosang was born and raised in Korea, he moved to Australia in 2010. Upon settling down here in Sydney, Woosang started training Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ). He was very passionate about practicing BJJ and used to train 7 days a week. However, extensive martial arts training resulted in numerous injuries, which ranged from minor to severe that required urgent medical attention.

Woosang as a former BJJ practitioner used to see many different allied health practitioners for the injuries. During his BJJ training, regular treatments from his chiropractor was tremendously helpful and allowed him to maintain athletic performance and injury prevention.

In 2016, Woosang had a severe complex knee injury from BJJ training. During the journey of recovery, he suffered from chronic neurological, orthopaedic & vascular symptoms. His complaints perplexed many health practitioners, and Woosang found the chiropractic treatment the most helpful for managing and recovering from his injury. This major injury was his turning point to becoming a chiropractor.

During his bachelor years, he spent 3 years in the private physical therapy clinic as an assistant. This helped him to become familiar with clinical concepts and gain actual hands-on experience. During the master’s degree, soon he started to integrate the knowledge from chiropractic education into BJJ performance and injury.

He avidly keeps up to date with all of the current research in Chiropractic. His inquisitive mind never ceases to learn something new, so he is actively engaged in the research field. His research interests are sports injuries, motor control, low back pain, athletic performance, rehabilitation, post surgical rehabilitation, peripheral joint injuries, and hyper-mobility.

Woosang appreciates the important roles of both passive and active therapy for patients. He likes to manage pain with manual therapy and correct movement pattern and strategy to improve function. He firmly believes that maintaining the balance between mobility and stability continuum is essential to musculoskeletal health.

You can find Woosang at our Kings Cross clinic Monday, Wednesday & Fridays and is currently offering student rates of $70 initial and $40 standard sessions.

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FREE DOWNLOAD: practitioner-approved guides to move better, sleep better, feel better

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