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Shane Metcalfe

Massage Therapist
Shane Metcalfe - Health Space Clinics

Shane brings 40+ years of experience in health & wellness to her massage practice. She has bachelors degrees in both physical education and dance & was invited back onto the faculty of both universities, lecturing in anatomy & physiology, teaching various sports, gymnastics & dance technique classes to under & post graduate students & choreographing for major productions. She's danced & choreographed professionally here & overseas & has competed in local, Australian & world surfing events.

She began massaging in the early 80's while working as an activities officer at Royal North Shore hospital, organising & co-facilitating health retreats for staff & the general community.

As a high school teacher in sports science, P.D.H.P.E (personal development; health & physical education), dance & drama & in many roles in the fitness industry, she has worked with all ages, fitness & ability levels, including a year at Fisher Rd Special School.

Underneath all of this is her deep belief & lived experience that true wellbeing arises from profound, limitless calm ~ a default flow-state which she encourages through breathing, deeply relaxing massage, movement & mind soothing practices. An agitated mind & stressed nervous system needs to be calmed to literally change the body chemistry & allow healing, balance and the peace that comes when the feel-good hormones are flowing!

Shane is currently ballet/movement technique teacher & choreographer for Artistic Gymnastics at Pymble Ladies College where she is also a surf coach. She also has a private movement & massage practice and leads in & outdoor immersive movement events with live musicians & is a practitioner with Wellness Crew 2u. She continually upgrades her knowledge & experience with courses & practical workshops.

A Northern Beaches girl, she & her husband of 33 years currently have 5 young adult children living at home, aged 18-23: their 3 sons, 2 girlfriends plus 2 dogs... a very vibrant & always very funny household.

Clicking over 58 next birthday, Shane is living her deepening understanding of movement longevity & sharing this with her clients. She surfs every day, physically demonstrates in her surf & movement sessions, daily long walks with the dogs, hours of giving massages & is always up for a night out dancing!!

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FREE DOWNLOAD: practitioner-approved guides to move better, sleep better, feel better

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