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Salima Diagne

Naturopath / Nutritionist | Adv Dip Nut Med, BHSc Nat
Salima Diagne - Health Space Clinics

Salima is a qualified naturopath, phytotherapist and nutritionist with an integrated approach to healthcare, which consists of utilising the best of evidence-based and traditional herbal, nutritional and lifestyle treatments, coupled with a sound understanding of anatomy, physiology and biochemistry, to achieve optimal health and vitality for her patients. She treats individuals with a wide range of health conditions and has a particular interest in osteoarthritis, dementia, alzheimers, stress management, mental health and digestive issues.

Salima was born and bred in Australia and was raised by a family of restaurateurs. She has vivid memories as a child, piggy backed in a shawl while her mother cooked in the kitchen of an iconic Sydney restaurant, drinking in the shapes, colours and aromas of exotic foods.

Salima believes food is the ultimate medicine, our vehicle to go forward with absolute nourishment. You’ll find her on Sunday morning at the Farmers market sourcing out seasonal produce and delighting in the mere sight of a beautifully cultivated bunch of basil.

Salima has worked for the past 15 years in community services, assisting people with disabilities and neurodegenerative diseases to live independently at home. Her ultimate goal in the coming years is to integrate naturopathic medicine into mainstream establishments.

In practice, Salima’s aim is to empower her patients with knowledge. She views signs and symptoms as the body’s way of communicating the parts of ourselves that require attention. Salima understands that we are not static beings and find ourselves in a constant state of flux therefore being able to listen to our bodies and its ever changing needs is fundamental to sustaining health and longevity.

Salima continues to be humbled by the complexities of the human organism and firmly believes that it has its own innate intelligence and ability to heal with the appropriate implementation of integrative therapies. She provides a safe and nurturing space for the healing process to unfold.

Salima Diagne - Naturopath & Nutritionist Availability: Kings Cross Ph: (02) 8354 1534

Mondays: 8am-7pm Thursdays: 1:30pm-6:30pm Saturdays: 9am-1:30pm

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